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Welcome to Wool-E-Farms.  We're pleased to offer you the best in American raised wool products.  We thank you for visiting our website and if you have any questions please contact us. 

Shearing is set for November 12th. I am excited to see the fleeces, as several have been covered since they were shorn in February. 

 I do skirt them heavily before weighing and posting, but since they are barn animals, there will be chaff from the hay they eat. There are no burrs or other nasties.


*********YARNS AND ROVING **********

13 boxes of fleece went to Sweitzer's Country Side Fiber Mill in Pennsylvania. Roving and bulky yarns came back. As always, the anticiaption of the product was far exceeded when it arrived. Yarns and roving were more than I could have hoped for.


**********NOVEMBER SPECIALS*********

 All books are $5.00 each plus shipping. Need to make room in the shop and willing to move the books at really LOW prices.

Some of the books have been looked through at the studio, or at shows, but all are in very good shape.

SHIPPING CHARGES: Generally we have a flat rate for shipping, however the postal service likes to charge so much more for the western states and International.

We are asking anyone who is interested in purchasing for us, to email us for an approximate shipping total. I keep my fleece and wool products at a low price, but sometimes shipping costs go way too high.  Any amount overpaid I will refund immediately.


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