Welcome to Wool-E-Farms.  We're pleased to offer you the best in American raised wool products.  We thank you for visiting our website and if you have any questions please contact us. 

Please remember that our fleeces are from animals that have not been "Covered". I do skirt them heavily before weighing and posting, but since they are barn animals, there will be chaff from the hay they eat. There are no burrs or other nasties.


FLEECES 50% off list price.

BOOK 60% off list price.

YARNS 10% off list price.

ROVING 10% off list price.

SHIPPING CHARGES: I am asking customers from California, Alaska, and Arizona, if when you order could you double what you pay in shipping charges, as the US postal service seems to think they can charge so much more for your postal code areas. Any amount overpaid I will refund immediately. Unfortunately, I don't have a choice on what they charge me.

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