This is a kit that includes 3 pounds of Romney roving, one pound of each color, Size M crochet hook and instructions to crochet your own oval rug.

Crochet a rug of natural Romney roving fibers, approximate size is 24" x 36".
The roving is in three different natural shades, light, medium and dark. The roving comes from our sheep, that I sheared and then washed the wool. The wool is then sent to a processor to be finished into roving. I roll the roving into 4 ounce balls for easy handling.
The only crochet stitch you will need to know is the single crochet. You make the choice of which color to start with in the center of the rug and change colors as often as you wish. Or crochet one color till you use it up and then start with the next color.
Instructions for rug care are also included. A good thorough shaking and a few hours in the sun, is the most you will need to do for this rug that will give you warm, comfortable feet. Washing instructions are included in the directions, if you choose to wash the rug.
(Basket not included)
If you wish to make the rug larger, order additional roving at the time of purchase, so the colors will match. Specify rug kit, and I will try to include roving from the same sheep.
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