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Dryer Balls
Wool dryer balls are felted from wool that was processed in as close to scent free as possible organic soap. The wool is then rewashed here at Wool-E Farm, to make sure any left over soap residue is removed.
Use a set a dryer balls in the dryer, helps to keep the clothes free from static. Less static means less lint. The dryer balls also help to separate the clothes, cutting dryer time.
If you do not care for the scents of dryer sheets, you will appreciate your clothes not smelling from the artificial smells of the commercial dryer sheets.
There are no chemical dyes used in the colors of the dryer balls. This is the actual color of the wool from our sheep, here at Wool-E Farm. The color will not come off on your clothes. It does not matter if you use white dryer balls with dark clothes, or dark dryer balls with white clothes, there is not color bleeding.
Each set contains 2 dryer balls. Each ball starts with 2 ounces of wool. They are wet felted and then if necessary, some hand felting is done also so the fibers will remain on the dryer ball and not on your clothes or lint vent. The balls come in a mesh bag for storage in between loads. They may hang around in the bag or lounge in the dryer waiting for the next load of clothes to come. Remove from the bag so they can tumble crazily with your clothes.
Our home is pet free, as I prefer to keep my sheep out in the barn.
This set of 2 dryer balls will dry many loads of clothes for years to come.
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