Wool-E Farm started in 1997 with two Romney ewes, one white, one natural. Producing fleeces we wanted to spin into yarn due to limited local availability.
Romney was chosen for not only the wool characteristics, but also the ease of raising the animal, great mothering instincts and healthiness of the breed.
Over the past 20+ years, over 100 lambs have been born at Wool-E Farm. We try to keep a flock of about 20 ewes.  2010 was the first year we chose not to have lambs. While I still miss it terribly, I do not miss the 2 AM barn checks in February and March to see if we have any new arrivals, or if anyone needs help with delivery.
We have started covering a few of our sheep. They seem to be handling the covers and will probably continue to cover some or all.
Take time to browse through our products, check out the shows we will be attending this year and let us know if there is anything we could do better to bring you some of the best Romney wool to spin.
We also have a line of books at the shop, so if there is a title you are interested in, please let me know. We bought out another shops inventory, so some of our titles are out of print books.